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Front Office

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Marjorie, an office manager in Fox Valley dental

Office Manager

I have been in dentistry for over 20 years. I started out as an assistant and have expanded into my current position as an Office Manager. I am married to my husband (Will) for over 23 years! We have two children (Ben and Megan) and we reside in Omro.

I was introduced to dentistry when I lived in South Dakota(my husband’s home state). Ever since then, it has become a wonderful part of my life. I love the opportunities and experiences it has given me. I am a goal seeker, with a passion to provide the best I can to everyone around me!

Outside of the Office: We enjoy going ATVing, gardening, and spending time with our children.

Bucket List Item: I would love to travel to Australia.

Favorite Quote: You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

Linda is our team insurance coordinator and is smiling in her black uniform

Insurance Specialist

Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Management from Brigham Young University College of Business. 13 Years in dentistry. Raised in Walla Walla, WA. 4 children and only 1husband!

Why did you choose dentistry? I enjoy serving an individual’s needs.

What is the best part of your job? Helping patients understand their insurance and coverage.

What aspect of your personality adds the most value to the office? Attention to detail and humor!

What do you do outside of the office? Kayaking, biking, snorkeling, hiking/walking, travel, serving, watching soccer.

What’s one item from your bucket list? Travel to Japan

An interesting fact about yourself: I am a certified scuba diver

Samantha, marketing at Fox Valley Dental


I grew up right here in Neenah, actually only a few blocks away from this practice! I am the oldest of two, and proud to say I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and brother. There are also two dachshunds in my household that provide plenty of entertainment on a daily basis.

Why did you choose dentistry? As a graduate of St. Norbert College with a double major in English and Theater I never thought dentistry would be a career I’d pursue. There is a dentist in the family, and I have always taken good care of my teeth, but what drew me to this office was the people and environment more than anything.Being here I have found that I enjoy the dental field, it’s incredibly fascinating and constantly changing.

What is the best part of your job? I love being able to use my creativity and literary background to write blogs, newsletters, and social media posts.

What aspect of your personality adds the most value to the office? My compassion and empathy for others is well-suited for the medical field, and I enjoy helping people to the best of my ability.

What do you do outside of the office? I enjoy camping, road trips with friends, and date nights with my boyfriend. Sitting on the beach or walking in the woods is excellent when the weather is nice. My rock collection is always growing and I can sometimes feel inspired to write,paint, or do other crafty things.

What’s one item from your bucket list? It’s been my dream to get one of my pieces published, whether that be a book or a play.

Share an interesting fact about yourself: I have been in 3 movies. All local and two having to do with awareness for drug and domestic abuse, but they were really fun to be a part of!

Diana, an office manager in Fox Valley dental

Patient Coordinator

I grew up in Ripon, but I’ve lived in the Fox Valley for a good portion of my life. While here, I have raised three kids with my amazing husband of 29 years, and we currently have two dogs in our home. However, I’m trying to convince my husband to add another dog to our home!

Why did you choose dentistry? I’ve worked in health care for most of my life, and dentistry was the most interesting, so I decided to stick with that!

What is the best part of your job? I love being able to help others. Especially during crazy times, it’s always good to see people smile. If I can help people achieve their best smile, I call that a job well done.

What aspect of your personality adds the most value to the office? Compassion and empathy are two things I think I’m good at. I know where a lot of people are coming from, and I want to help them the best I can.

What do you do outside of the office? I love reading, going out on the boat, and playing with my dogs and granddaughter. Being outdoors is always good, especially during Wisconsin’s limited sunshine.

Dental Assistants

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Barb smiling, as part of our dental assistant team

I am married to a wonderful man, David. Together we share 7 children and 20 grandchildren. Stockbridge is where we have called home for over 60 yrs.

I have been at Fox Valley Dental for over 10 years and hope to continue making our dental family have awesome smiles. I love helping people achieve a great smile and really enjoy meeting new people. I’m always willing to help and use my Lab Tech and dental assisting expertise I learned at Fox Valley Tech.

Outside of the Office: I like to spend time with my husband, Dave, and our family. There is always something going on. We love taking rides on the back roads, getting ice cream, working on crafts, watching our grandchildren play sports, swimming, etc. I also love to write poetry.

Your Hero: Any single parent. Parenting is hard enough with two parents in this world today. Single parents have to juggle so much more.

Bucket List Item: Learn to play the piano.

Spirit Animal: Any member of the cat family because of their independence.

Best quote you’ve ever heard: “That’s the way the pickle squirts.” From my father!

Jolaina, a dental assistant at Fox Valley Dental

I grew up in Hortonville, Wi with my parents and five younger siblings. Along with all the kids in our house, we also always had several different types of pets. Some of those pets included dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, and fish.

Why did you choose dentistry? While in high school, I really wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. I got the opportunity to do a couple of job shadows and one of those was in a dental office. I absolutely loved it and from then on I knew I wanted to be in the dental field.

What is the best part of your job? One of my favorite things about my job is getting to meet new patients and get to know them.

What aspect of your personality adds the most value to the office? I’d like to think that I’m positive and upbeat most of the time and that can help in times when we’re just having a bad day in the office.

What do you do outside of the office? Outside of work I love to travel, my boyfriend and I love to do small weekend getaways. I also love spending time with my family and friends whenever I get that chance.

What’s one item on your bucket list? One thing on my bucket list is to travel to Brazil.

Marissa, a dental assistant at Fox Valley Dental

I am from Menasha, WI. I am currently attending Fox Valley Technical College for dental hygiene. On the weekends, my family and I travel for Drag racing. Throughout the week, we enjoy boating and fishing on Lake Winnebago, and hunting during the fall. I am the second oldest of four and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Why did you choose dentistry? I chose dentistry because I love to help people. I had issues with my teeth growing up, and the dentists made me feel confident! So, I would like to do the same.

What is the best part of your job? I believe the best part of my job is making people feel confident with their smiles.

What aspect of your personality adds the most value to the office? I think that I am very considerate and empathetic towards people. When someone needs help, I am always willing to do what they need, whether it’s a patient or a staff member.

What do you do outside of the office? Out of the office, my life is very family-oriented. Most weekends are spent drag racing or on the lake. During the fall, I absolutely love deer and duck hunting with my Dad and younger brothers.

What would be the theme song of your life? Don’t worry, be happy!

Stephanie, a dental assistant at Fox Valley Dental

I am originally from Upper Michigan. Most of my family still live there. I have an older brother whom I am very close with, and I try to get home to see my parents as much as possible. I am getting married in September 2021, and I live with my fiance Andrew and our two kitties Marla and Opal.

Why did you choose dentistry? I chose dentistry because I grew up with it. My aunt and uncle own a practice in Tucson, AZ. I used to go out there every summer from ages 9-14, and I would clean patient rooms, develop x-rays in a darkroom, and sterilize the instruments. I even got a paycheck at the end of the summer to go back to school shopping. I knew afterward that this is what I wanted to do.

What is the best part of your job? I love meeting new people and helping them to achieve the smile they want.

What do you do outside of the office? I love to go home to the U.P. every chance I get. I love to be outside in the summer and out on the lake. I am outside every chance I get; camping, fishing, hiking, side by side rides, summer fires, etc. I love golfing with my brother, and every Friday, I go to the Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe and play with all the adoptable kitties.

What’s one item from your bucket list? Travel the world.

Dental Hygienists

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A smiling Sam as part of the dental hygiene team in our office

My family and I live in Oshkosh. I am happily married to Kurt and we have a son. We enjoy spending time with our yellow lab and our Abyssinian kitty. I have always loved to be around people, so working with people was a must for me. I enjoyed biology and science studies in school, dentistry started sticking out for me as the best option for my career in middle school.

Why did you choose dentistry? I have been a practicing Dental Hygienist (RDH) since 2007. I am certified in the administration of nitrous oxide sedation and local anesthetic. I have a soft tissue dental hygiene laser certification. I am a certified dental assistant (CDA). I also teach Dental Assisting and am the Clinical Director at a local career-training program in Appleton, the Weekend DentalAssistant School.

What is the best part of your job? I love getting to know my patients and helping them achieve better oral health. I practice thorough yet gentle dental hygiene that centers on the patient’s overall health.

Outside the Office: I love to hang out with Kurt and our family and friends. I live an active and healthy lifestyle. I enjoy working out, biking, hiking, running, cooking, sipping wine and listening to music. I also enjoy going up North, eating ice cream and going to Packer games.

Your Hero: My dad. He is a hard worker and always makes a point of teaching me how to strive to be the best.

Bucket List Item: To travel more! I would love to see Thailand, Greece, Spain, and Ireland.

Kelly is smiling as part of the dental hygiene team at Fox Valley Dental

I am originally from the small town of Amherst. After highschool, I went to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh where I met my husband, Adam. I went to Fox Valley TechnicalCollege for dental hygiene and graduated in 2012. We then moved to Colorado and had our son, Reece. We moved to Oregon for a short time but family brought us back to Wisconsin. We are now expecting our second child and we are thrilled!

I chose dentistry because throughout my childhood I had an incredible hygienist that inspired me to become one myself. As a patient you could feel how much she enjoyed being a dental hygienist. For the record, she was totally right! It really is a great profession that is full of fun, continued education and building great relationships with your patients and co-workers! I absolutely love meeting new people and getting to know them and their families. I am a caring person with a good sense of humor. I work hard at giving my patients the best treatment possible while makingit is comfortable and possibly even enjoyable!

Outside of the Office: I like to read and do yoga. I love watching musicals and secretly wishing I could carry a tune! I enjoy going on hikes and walks with my family. I also enjoy the occasional family movie night!

Bucket List Item: I would like to travel. I would like to start by traveling to Ireland, Scotland, and Spain.

Caring for the Community
Showing our support by bringing dentistry to the areas we cherish.
Team of Fox Valley Dental with a young boy at school delivering our cake drawing supply drive
Supply Drives

We believe in giving back to the people in our community who give us reasons to smile. We provide supplies and run fundraisers for our local animal shelter, schools, and events.

Toothbrushes that our caring dentist in Neenah hands out to local kids
School Visits

Starting good hygiene habits at a young age is vital to develop a solid foundation of oral health. Our caring team volunteer at local schools and kindergartens to teach kids about oral hygiene and hand out free toothbrushes and goodies. We make dentistry fun!

Our team logo that we use during local events that we support and participate in
Community Support

As a team we show our community spirit by getting involved with local events such as:

Collage of the Fox Valley Dental team participating in several charity events, supply drives, fundraisers, and community events

The best dentist appointment I have had! I felt welcomed and comfortable from the first second I walked through the door. Everyone was smiling. I was called by my first name which made me feel cared for. A definite plus, wait time wasn't long at all! I was well informed of the exam findings so I felt at ease to make decisions in regards to further treatment.

Kristi C. (Actual Patient)

Take the Grand Tour

Get acquainted with our welcoming and comfortable Neenah dental office.

Our team office in Fox Valley
A small child look through the toy box providing by our Neenah dental team
Dr. Olsen, the dentist on our team speaking with a patient in a consultation room
Keurig coffee machine in the waiting room
Fox Valley kid's corner
Fox Valley Teeth
Fox Valley waiting room fireplace
Fox Valley waiting room chairs

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Dental Excellence

Our attentive team strives to use their advanced training to provide you with the highest standard of care. We build trust by getting to know you on a personal level and adapt each visit to meet your needs.

Enjoy Convenience

We take dental care in Fox Valley to the next level by making your visit simple and efficient. Our office has plenty of on-site parking, early morning appointment times, financing options, and so much more.

Patient Comforts

Alleviate fear and step into an office designed with your comfort in mind. You can sit back and relax with our blankets, headphones, and watch your favorite show on our treatment room TVs. Plus we offer complimentary lip balm and bottled water.

Convenience Through Dental Technology

Stress-free and pain-free is the Fox Valley Dental way.

Advancements in dental technology have led us to provide even more efficient, gentle, and precise family dentistry. Dr. Olsen stays on top of the latest techniques and uses modern equipment to the benefit of your oral health. This technology means less chair time for our patients but enhanced results across the board. Here are some of the modern equipment available in our Fox Valley office:

  • Velscope

  • Invisalign®

  • SonicFill

  • CBCT Scanner

  • Sterilization Center

  • Intraoral Cameras

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