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An Interview With the Dentist

In October, Fox Valley Dental has an article featured in the Doty Island Development Council Newsletter. An interview with Dr. Olsen goes into a little more detail about his life as a Wisconsinite and Doty Island resident, so we decided to feature it as this month’s blog! The article was edited for length, but the full interview is featured here. Get to know your dentist a little better, and discover for yourself why he comes so highly recommended!

The Interview

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. You grew up in Wisconsin, so what are some of your best memories?

A: I grew up in Baraboo, so I had a lot of different things around me. We were right by the Wisconsin Dells and Devil’s Lake so I would go fishing, rock climbing, hiking and camping. I loved growing up around water and was actually a lifeguard in the Dells for one of my first jobs.

Q: What was school like and when did you decide dentistry was for you?

A: I liked all the sciences in school and did well when I tried and was interested in something. Two of my claims to fame are papers I got published at Yale. I love research and as an undergrad I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to work in a lab or do dentistry. After shadowing a dentist, I knew that was for me. I love interacting with people while still having that research element.

Q: What made you want to come back to Wisconsin?

A: I went to Tufts University in Massachusetts, and not living near enough to water was one of the things that bothered me. I moved back here because of family, my wife has family here as well, and we just like the slower pace of everything. The quality of life is so much better here, too.

Q: Describe your favorite part about living on Doty Island.

A: When you think of the traditional Midwest community, it’s Doty Island. It’s such a close community and everyone is so friendly. Our whole neighborhood is close and we’ve built incredible friendships. It’s a great place to live, and a perfect place to raise our daughter.

Q: Which piece of dental technology or equipment is your favorite?

A: That’s the Cone Beam, or CBCT. It’s a 3-D scanner and x-ray and I could never go back to doing my work without it. It allows you to see the airway and jaws and it opens a lot of options for treatment with a much clearer diagnosis.

Q: In your opinion, what makes a good dental practice, and what is your hope for FVD?

A: The people. Staff and patients alike. You can’t have one without the other and having a solid team that cares about patients who have been here for days or decades is really important to me. Communication is also key- not only for my team but also for my patients. I make sure I let them know every step of my thought process and what needs to be done for their health as clearly as I can say it. As far as my hopes, I want this practice to be a full service, little-bit-of-everything dental practice. We’re already on track with cleanings, implants, and oral surgery. I just want to help as many people as I can and having a one-stop dental practice seems to be the best way to do it. Convenience and kindness is the way I want this practice to run, and so far we’re following that standard to my liking.


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