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Dental Anxiety with Children

Working in a dentist’s office, every single day we see children who say “I hate the dentist!” This applies to adults as well, but children are especially fearful of getting in the chair for everything ranging from cleanings to fillings. And why is that? Modern medicine allows for numbing and direct treatment that is over with quickly and painlessly. Sadly, many children learn fearful behaviors from media and even their parents! So how can we help ease this anxiety? In this article, tips and tricks will be offered to keep the anxious child calm during their dental visit!

Positivity is Key!

Kids are emotionally tuned in to their surroundings, so if they see their parents acting nervous or hesitant they’ll automatically think the dentist is a bad thing. Avoid words with negative connotations like pain, cavity, or shots. A routine cleaning is pain-free with all the modern equipment available! Be sure to give positive reinforcement when your child behaves well, and try not to bribe them with goodies or sweets. If they behave well at our office, however, we do let them choose a prize from our treasure chest!

A Well-Trained Team!

At Fox Valley Dental, our team members are well-versed in making sure kids know what’s going on. They allow their young patients to touch the tools they will be using, call cavities “sugar bugs”, and go through what they will be doing during the treatment. “We let kids know when things are going to get loud, but we tell them it isn’t going to hurt,” Jolaina, one of our Dental Assistants, explained some of the methods used for keeping kids calm and in control. “We let them hold the tools and tell them what they do. Sometimes we let them hold the water syringe or ‘Mister Slurpee’ and they’ll spray their own teeth.”

Whatever the reason for the child’s dental anxiety, Dr. Olsen and the team at Fox Valley Dental are here to make sure everything goes smoothly- whether it’s for their tenth cleaning or their first! You can read about our difference here! Give us a call at 920-725-1327 to get your child scheduled with our team!

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