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Giving Back and Giving Thanks

There’s leaves on the ground and a chill in the air, and it’s in these times when we all have warm homes to go to to remember lending a helping hand is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

This year, Fox Valley Dental wants to give back to those who don’t always have a voice for themselves- animals. Neenah has an incredible shelter that houses lost, surrendered, impounded, neglected, and abandoned animals in need of a home. They’re also very much in need of supplies for their animals!

A “Pawesome” Supply Drive

Fox Valley Dental wants to lend a hand, and is asking for your help as well! Through the entire month of November, we will be hosting a Totally Pawesome Supply Drive, with all donations going to the Neenah Animal Shelter. Stop in to drop off your donation when you come in for your appointment. Even if you don’t have your appointment this month stop in anyway to drop off supplies! And for an added bonus, every (1) item you bring in will allow for one entry in our drawing to win a Kwik Trip gift card! More donations means more chances to win!


How Can I Help?

The shelter is asking for donations of toys, collars, food, and paper products. You can read what’s on their wish list here. Interested to help in other ways? The shelter is always looking for people to volunteer their time and help walk and play with their dogs and cats. And if you’re looking for a furry friend, adopt from the shelter! Not only would you be helping the animal, you would be opening more space for the shelter to help other animals in need. Please consider donating or adopting from local shelters, as there are so many animals in need of a good home!


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