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The Process for Orthodontics

Fox Valley Dental has served the Neenah community for over 30 years, and as well as general dentistry also sees patients for orthodontic treatment. Are you or someone you know interested in getting started on an orthodontic journey? Here’s what you need to know:

The First Steps

We break our new orthodontic patient appointment into two parts: the initial visit and the consult. The initial visit includes taking impressions to make study models, taking a 3-D image of the mouth, and a brief exam from the doctor. Two weeks later, the patient (or patient’s parents) return for the actual consult. That appointment is where we go over what treatment type the doctor recommends, as well as the length of treatment and cost.

Scheduling and Beyond

After the consult, the patient can schedule whichever appointment is needed for their particular treatment. Some patients start with a retainer, and some need full banding and bracketing, or the traditional braces. Depending on the patient’s preferences and teeth, they may be able to use an invisalign-type system of shell retainers to straighten their teeth. The patient will then come in about every 4-6 weeks for checks to make sure everything is going smoothly.

If the patient follows the guidelines for their treatment, sometimes it can be completed earlier than expected! You can read more about some of our orthodontic processes here. If there are any questions or you wish to schedule your complimentary evaluation, give us a call at 920-725-1327.

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