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Why Choose Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems?

So Many Options!

There are plenty of options for teeth whitening on the market these days. Whitening strips, take-home kits, and of course some expensive in-office procedures. Whitening is essentially taking away the stains that accumulate on the inner and outer parts of the teeth, usually using hydrogen peroxide as the active agent. So what is the dentist-recommended whitening system with the comfort and ease of at-home kits? Opalescence!

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Why Opalescence?

Fox Valley Dental recommends Opalescence tooth whitening systems due to the potassium nitrate and fluoride in its whitening gel, both ingredients that keep teeth strong and less prone to sensitivity. There are also various concentrations of carbamide peroxide for either overnight wear or 30-minute intervals and everything in between! The percentage depends on tooth sensitivity, and you can always get a lower percentage if you wish.

A box of Opalescence Tooth Whitening System traysHow Does it Work?

At our office, we begin by making the trays which the whitening gel will sit in. This can usually be done same-day. If you come in in the morning, they’ll be ready for you by late afternoon! When you come in to pick up the trays, one of our assistants will go over the instructions for proper whitening care. If you’re part of our Whitening For Life Club, you’ll receive 4 syringes at no charge per year with regular dental hygiene appointments.

When Can I Whiten?

A woman posing in a wedding dress with a bouquet of flowers and a pristine white smile thanks to Opalescence Teeth WhiteningThe beauty of Opalescence is that you can whiten at your leisure! Many people will choose to whiten their teeth before big events, such as weddings or graduation. A brighter smile can boost confidence for a job interview, or impress someone on a first date! Whatever the reason, whitening with Opalescence tooth whitening systems is safe, affordable, and easy at Fox Valley Dental. Call today at 920-725-1327 and ask about our Whitening for Life Club using Opalescence!

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