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What Are Root Canals?

Root canals are endodontic procedures for removing infection and decay from the inside of a tooth. They are often portrayed as being painful, but actually, they don’t cause pain, they end it!

When the damage to a tooth has gone beyond affecting the tooth’s enamel and has reached the inner pulp, a tooth can become sensitive, creating painful symptoms and will require a root canal.

Our restorative dentistry expert, Dr. Olsen…Learn more about Dr. Olsen from his interview… removes the damaged nerve and pulp, sterilize the tooth, and seal it, saving your tooth and ending your pain. The tooth is restored to full beauty and function again by capping it with a custom-crafted dental crown, which will look and feel like your natural tooth.

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The Benefits of Root Canals

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't delay in seeking treatment.
An infected tooth is no joke. Modern-day endodontic procedures are performed with highly effective anesthetics, making your treatment virtually pain-free.
Save Money
A root canal costs less than the alternative of having your tooth removed and replacing it with a dental implant, bridge, or denture. Bonus: Most dental insurances cover root canals.
Beautiful Results
Our skilled Neenah dentist will finish off your root canal with a beautifully crafted dental crown, which will let you eat, speak, and smile with full confidence again.

I cannot say enough great things about the team at Fox Valley Dental. They are highly skilled, caring, and accommodating with their clients' needs and schedules. Every person in the office is invested in you and your health, and you leave with a wonderful experience.

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Why Chose Fox Valley Dental?

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At Fox Valley Dental, we practice painless, consistent, and reliable dental care. We believe in the “listening-first” approach that puts you in the driver’s seat concerning your dental care.

Our Neenah family dentist, Dr. Joseph Olsen, has been providing our patients with top-quality dentistry for decades. As highly-skilled and educated general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry doctor, he can offer you truly comprehensive care.

We want you to have the best dental experience possible, one that will keep you and your family coming back for a lifetime of exceptional service.

What can you expect when you visit Fox Valley Dental? Here are just a few of the ways we make your visit a “wow” experience:

  • A technically advanced office with a homey feel
  • Complete care all under one roof
  • Painless dentistry
  • A personalized dental experience
  • Comfortable, quality patient care

Do You Have Questions About Root Canals?

Get the answers from our Neenah dentists.
  • How do I know if I need a root canal?
    There are some signs you can look for, indicating you may need a root canal.

    Look for:

    • Inflammed gums – red or swollen
    • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks
    • Discoloration of the tooth
    • Severe pain when biting or chewing

    If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to call our office for a consultation with Dr. Olsen. He can let you know what the problem is and what the right solution will be , whether a root canal or some other treatment.

  • Why should I choose a root canal over an extraction?
    Saving a tooth, rather than extracting it, is always the better choice. It’s better for the health of your gums, teeth, and bones.

    When a tooth is extracted, the space left behind needs to be filled to prevent adverse effects like difficulty chewing, bone loss, and surrounding teeth floating out of place. Treatments such as dentures, bridges, and dental implants can fill the space, but they will cost you more time and money than it would take to save the original tooth.

    Learn more reasons why you should choose a root canal.

  • Can a tooth be too damaged for a root canal?
    Yes, it can. A root canal will only be recommended by our Fox Valley Dental general dentist, Dr. Olsen if he determines the tooth can be saved.

    When might a root canal not be an option? Here are a few examples:

    • The tooth has become too severely damaged, and it would be best to extract it.
    • It’s not a tooth worth saving (wisdom tooth, etc.).
    • The root is cracked and unstable.
    • Advanced gum disease has caused the tooth to loosen.

    If our dentist decides saving the tooth is not possible, he will outline the different treatment options we have available to replace your missing tooth, such as a denture, bridge, or dental implant.

  • Are you accepting new patients?
    We are always happy to welcome new patients to our Neenah family dentistry office from surrounding communities such as Menasha, Appleton, Oshkosh, Grand Chute, Little Chute, Kaukauna, Wrightstown, Kimberly, Greenville, Omro, Winneconne, Sherwood, Fond du Lac, Ripon, Hortonville, Green Bay, Ashwaubenon, and De Pere.

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