Orthodontics for Neenah, WI

Fox Valley Dental provides the highest standard in modern orthodontic care.

Early Treatment Orthodontics

Intercepting subtle problems before they become big problems.


What Is Early Treatment?

Early diagnosis of teeth, jaw, or bite issues can prevent serious dental problems from occurring and protect the long-term health of your child. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. During this evaluation, Dr. Olsen assesses the bite, consults x-rays, and identifies any areas that need monitoring.


Future Benefits

When you child visits us at the age of 5 or 6 we are able to provide a number of benefits:

  • Influence jaw growth
  • Lower the risk of damage to teeth due to a misaligned bite
  • Correct harmful dental habits
  • Guide permanent teeth into a favorable position
  • Reduce the need for future treatment

Why Dr. Olsen?

Using his advanced training and genuine passion for helping people, our dentist in Neenah, WI is able to intercept any signs of orthodontic problems. His main aims are to keep your child healthy and prevent any need for significant treatment in the future. We offer a FREE consultation for children so please contact our office today!

Aligning Your Smile

Guiding you and your teeth to greatness. We offer in-house teeth straightening solutions for all ages!


Having worn braces, Dr. Olsen understands the impact this corrective treatment can have on your life. Traditional braces use metal brackets and thin wires to move your teeth into their ideal position. The brackets are fitted to the front of your teeth and a thin wire is threaded through each block. Dr. Olsen will see you every 8-12 weeks to evaluate your progress and adjust the wires as needed.

Artificial teeth with modern braces on them to show the teeth straighten options from this orthodontist in Neenah WI
Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners- An excellent cosmetic option, this is a discreet aligning system good for minor or mild crowding. Dr. Olsen will take impressions of your teeth, and the length of treatment needed will determine the number of trays used. You’ll be seen every 2-4 weeks to monitor progress and have new sets of trays given to gradually move your teeth into the best position.

Close up of a woman inserting clear teeth aligners to show that Fox Valley Dental offers clear aligners as part of their orthodonitcs in Neenah, WI

Everyone is friendly and caring and I couldn't be happier with the results of my orthodontic work. When I first came to his office I suffered from daily headaches. He was able to correct my bite and straighten my teeth and I did not have to have painful or costly surgery to achieve this result. My headaches are gone and I now have a beautiful smile!

Jane K. (Actual Patient)

SureSmile® Clear Aligners

Discreetly straighten your smile with SureSmile® in Neenah, WI.

Many of our Fox Valley orthodontics patients enjoy our discreet teeth-aligning options, with SureSmile®…Open a new window to the SureSmile website… being one of the most popular. This innovative solution uses modern 3D technology to design custom-made clear aligners. During your consultation, Dr. Olsen takes digital impressions and actually shows you your potential end result.

The aligners are then sent to you every two weeks during the course of your treatment. Each aligner gradually moves your teeth into place for a healthier and straighter smile.

Orthodontics Neenah, WI - Computer screen showing the digital impressions taken for Invisalign®
Clear & Comfortable

Each clear aligner is custom-made using digital impressions and comfortably fits around your teeth. They discreetly straighten your smile without any metal or wires in sight!

Woman receiving orthodontics in Neenah, WI before her Invisalign® aligners are placed
Less Treatment Time

The average course of SureSmile® takes about a year (dependent on the individual) to work it’s magic. You’ll replace each set of aligners every two weeks and Dr. Olsen may recommend occasional check-ups.

Orthodontics Neenah, WI - Woman smiling because Invisalign® fits into her lifestyle
Fits Your Lifestyle

In addition to being discreet and comfortable, SureSmile® aligners are also removable. You can take them out to enjoy your favorite foods, play sports, attend a special event, and most importantly, brush your teeth.

Patient meeting with Dr. Olsen to discuss her orthodontic options in Neenah, WI
Modern Approach

SureSmile® is available for both adults and teens. This system can be used to correct a range of orthodontic issues such as over crowding, spaced teeth, or complex issues, including overbites and underbites.

  • What are the aligners made of?
    Your SureSmile® aligners are made of a strong medical grade plastic that is discreet and biocompatible.
  • Will it hurt?
    When each aligner is replaced you may feel some discomfort as you adjust to the new aligners. This is normally short-lived and is a sign that your teeth are being moved into position. However, you shouldn’t feel any sustained pain or discomfort. Please contact Dr. Olsen if you are concerned.
  • What can I eat and drink during treatment?
    SureSmile® aligners are completely removable, so you can eat and drink whatever you like. We do recommend brushing your teeth after each meal/snack and before placing the SureSmile® aligners over your teeth.
  • How often do I need to wear the aligners?
    For the best results, you should wear your aligners at all times unless you are eating, brushing, or flossing.
  • How often must I see Dr. Olsen during treatment?
    Every case is unique but typically we would expect to see you every 4-6 weeks. During these appointments, Dr. Olsen evaluates how the SureSmile® is working and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Let’s Start Your Smile Journey

A beautiful smile is achievable with our range of orthodontic options in Neenah, WI.