When diagnosed early, oral cancer may be easily addressed. But all too often, the problem is not identified until the disease has reached a point where a more aggressive and invasive form of treatment is needed.

One of the problems in locating a potentially dangerous issue with your smile is the fact that the first symptoms of oral cancer can be very easily mistaken for other less-serious oral or even general health problems. Because of this, we suggest seeing our dentist at Fox Valley Dental for a screening. Dr. Joseph Olsen will make these screenings a part of your regular checkups, but you should also call 920-725-1327 any time you notice something out of the ordinary with the soft tissues of your mouth; have problems eating, speaking or swallowing; develop oral bleeding or notice a change in the fit of your dental work.

At our office, we use the VELscope® oral cancer screening system in Neenah, Wisconsin. This technology uses a special type of blue light that can help our dentist find abnormalities in your oral tissues. The process is noninvasive and can be completed quickly. If an area of concern is located, we can help you schedule an oral biopsy to identify the problem. Then, we will talk with you about the results and help you decide on the next step in your treatment.

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